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There is no dearth of miscreants even in a relatively safe place such as Rye. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when it comes to locking up your homes or offices and for that, in turn, you need a trusted locksmith who can cater to your specific needs. It could also happen that you need unforeseen assistance when it comes to locksmith related issues. You could get locked out or you could be stuck with your key inside the car ignition or just about anything else. We are the bestlocksmith in Rye and we will make sure that we provide quality solution and even better service for all your problems. We at Rye Locksmith Service have kept our prices affordable and have expert professionals on board who are so experienced that they can solve any issue in no time. We are a reliable locksmith in Rye and most of us are on the road at all times to cater to your emergency requirements. We guarantee that we will be by your side in 30 minutes with the help of our fast and mobile vans. Our range of services include residential, commercial, automotive and emergency. So whatever your requirement may be, give us a call at 914-219-4293 and let us handle the rest.

About us

Rising crime rates and the absence of a trustworthy locksmith in Rye lead to the decision on our part to establish a reliable locksmith service system. We noticed that the other companies were offering mediocre service at a very high rate and we wanted to do something different for the people because you deserve better. Rye Locksmith Service therefore provides excellent lock installation and repair services so that you can breathe easy in your homes.

From day one we have concentrated on the quality of service that we give to our customers and not the business side of things. We strive to make our service top-notch and at affordable prices. We have handpicked each member of our team and all of them are skilled technicians with immense knowledge about the industry. Our range of services include automotive, residential, commercial and also emergency. All these reasons have made us the best locksmith Rye will ever get.

Whatever be your issue, just give us a call and our experts will be there by your side in no time.

Why us?

This is why you should trust us:

We established Rye Locksmith Service 10 years ago and we have been unstoppable since. This is primarily because we deliver the necessary service at an enviable quality and speed. Not to mention our low prices. We excel in all the range of services that we offer namely automotive, residential, commercial and emergency. This makes us the one-stop solution for all your lock and key needs.

We can help you no matter the issue at hand. Whether you get locked out or break your lock or lose your key, we know how to handle everything. We can install, replace or re-key, among other things.

We are affordable and can reach you in less than 20 minutes in case of an emergency!

Standard Pricing

Over the ten years that we have been operating, Rye Locksmith Service has always kept our prices the same, come what may. These prices are additionally the cheapest in the market and that is why people keep coming back to us. We are affordable and do not charge extra, unlike other companies, if you call us at an odd hour or if you have an emergency.  We believe in establishing a trustworthy relationship with our customers that does not entail taking an advantage of their distress.

24×7 Service

To survive in this industry, we have to be available at all times. This is because you might face an emergency lock and key situation or you might want an installation but you can do it only after your office hours. We prioritize the customer’s convenience above all and therefore we are available 24 hours a day, every day. We don’t observe holidays or weekends and our employees share the same goal of keeping the customer happy. So contact 914-219-4293 today and put our number on your speed dial.


As a leading provider of locksmith related services, we had to expand and include all areas and spheres of service to give the very best to our customers. Our services include:

Automotive Locksmith Services

A good locksmith in Rye should know what to do in all kinds of situations. Here comes in our automotive service range that is sure to make your life easier. Doesn’t matter if you get locked out of your car or the key is stuck in ignition, we have seen it all and we have solved it all. So without panicking and above all, instead of forcing your way inside the car and damaging it in the process, call us and let us surprise you by our excellent and prompt service. We make transponder keys, unlock jammed trunks, replace ignition switch and much more.

Residential Locksmith Services

You know those moments when you find yourself in a fix? Maybe you have lost the key to your house or you have broken the lock and you need immediate assistance. Rye Locksmith Service has a range of residential services to suit all your needs. Whether you need re-keying or installation or just a simple maintenance check, give us a call and we will be there with our expertise and guidance. Securing the safety of your home and consequently your loved ones is paramount and we will make sure that you don’t have to worry ever again.

Commercial Locksmith Services

In addition to residential and automotive services, we also provide top-notch commercial locksmith services. This means that if you need an expert installation of your sophisticated locks at work, you can reach out to our trusted locksmiths in Rye and we will get the job done. These locks are different that your residential locks. These are sophisticated and require special installation. They also carry an additional risk because one small mistake could lead to a break in and sensitive information from the workspace could be lost. This could lead to losing crucial business or even a lawsuit. These locks have to be installed according to the specific code rules appointed by the local authorities and cannot be handled by an inexperienced technician. So, give us a call today and try us out.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Rye Locksmith Service specializes in emergency services because our response time is very short. We have phone lines working at all time and we do not observe holidays or weekends from our side. So whenever you want to reach us, you will be able to do so without hassle. Additionally, we have mobile vans and very fast transportation which will take our experts to your side under 30 minutes. We have locksmiths in Rye who are always on the road so no matter where you are situated in Rye; we will be there in a jiffy.

Your long and hard search for a quality locksmith is over. Rye Locksmith Service is reliable and efficient. Above all it is very affordable. So dial 914-219-4293 today and get yourself the contact of the best locksmiths in Rye. Tell us what the issue is and no matter how difficult you think it may be it will be a piece of cake to us. 

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